Friday, November 12, 2010


I loved watching The Andy Griffith Show.

This one lights up and plays the theme song.
I think I now have about 5 tv's in my collection.

I almost didn't get this one trying to limit myself to less each year.

Then I broke down because I realized I really wanted it for my Wizard of Oz collection which is a pretty big section on my tree. The fire lights up as it plays the march song.

Great Christmas movie, right?

Push the button and the whole house lights up and plays music.


Trennia said...

The National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation house is so adorable!
I love that movie,matter fact I own it on dvd! You got me wanting to watch it! Great family movie I think!

Katherine said...

You make me want to start my own ornament collection!

Ginny Marie said...

What a great way to document your ornaments!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Debby, I would have bought that t.v. with Andy Griffith too. How cute is that? Love that it's one of those big console model t.v's, and I can just hear the song being whistled when I look at that ornament. Years ago, I had a dog who loved when that whistling started. She'd race to the t.v. and park her bottom right in front of it, ears twitching away! it's a good thing that was before we could record t.v. shows, or we would have driven that poor dog crazy, playing that opening song all of the time. laurie

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGoodness LOVE them all. All I can think of is Opie and Clark :)

Noelle said...

Love the Andy Griffith Show TV ornament. I have an I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin TV ornament that I just love. Classic!

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